Norms Galore!

The 3rd KL Open held from 6-12 April 2010 saw Vakhidov Jahangir of Uzbekistan, Julius Joseph De Ramos of Philippines and Laksana Augusta of Indonesia earn International Master title norms while Bhakti Kulkarni and Mitali Patil, both from India earned Woman International Master title norms.

Desperately unlucky to miss out was our own Nicholas Chan and Indonesia’s Medina Warda Aulia who exceeded the point requirements for International Master and International Women Master title norms respectively but failed to satisfy other criteria through the variables of the pairings system.


(The traditional group photo of participants and officials of the UKM KL Masters)

Then immediately after, at the UKM KL Masters, a 10 person, 9 round robin event, Singapore’s Daniel Fernandez together with India’s Ankit R. Rajpara and Thakur Akash even went one better with their third and final International Master norms earning them the International Master title.

A finish really deserving of the superb effort put in by UKM into this event and Abdul Haq Mohamad is especially to be commended for a really excellent organisation!


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