Karpov as FIDE President in 2010?

Karpov 2010 Website


“A Champion For Change”? We probably still remember very well Obama’s promise of “Change We Can Believe In” and the less than satisfactory outcomes to the American people.

But I do think in this case it is “Change That FIDE Needs!” and the fact that so few in Asia care is indicative how irrelevant FIDE has become to us outside of the rating system (a big burden in the increasing fees that have to be paid and the rating ceiling dropping ever further), the outrageous entry fees together with forced and inflated hotel charges imposed by organisers if participation in youth events are desired (what happened to getting sponsors?), awarding of various international titles, and of course for a smaller number, the chance to play at events such as the Olympiad every two years and the various World Championship cycle qualifiers.


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