Visiting Grandmaster Program


So far the KL Open this year has been won by players who have gone on to make a name for themselves but I think more importantly have continued to be friends of our small event!

For example Previous winners Anton Filippov and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son are today 2600+ grandmasters and with every prospect to reach  the 2700 level.

This year we have upped the ante a little, from an event planned with veteran GMs playing and giving IMs every chance for a relatively easy norm, to a rather strong tournament.

Some of the grandmasters playing this year are not only very strong players and Saidali Iludashev is not only a frequent and familiar visitor to Malaysia but a legend in Uzbekistan.

Iludashev plays uncompromising chess, was a top player in his time, and today can be proud to be looked up to by the young talent in his country as their teacher and role model.

He has kind agreed to stay on for a week after the KL Open (13-19 April) as a guest of Polgar Chess Asia so as to be able to work with (and help) local chess players improve their play.

We are organising 2 and 3 hour sessions, possible mornings, afternoons, and evenings during his stay, and enquiries may be directed to me at


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