The 3rd KL Open 2010 is Two Weeks Away!

As of today, a week after the official closing date, the 3rd KL Open Championship for the Raja Nazrin Shah Challenge Trophy has attracted a record 121 entries from 21 countries including 64 internationally titled players!

The grandmasters include top seed Mikheil Mchedlishvili from Georgia who immediately after is slated for a match against anotehr participant, Indonesia’s No. 1 Susanto Megaranto, 16 year old vice women’s chess champion Hou Yifan from  China, many times German chess champion Thomas Luther, “new local” Ziaur Rahman from Bangladesh, Hungarian-Vietnamese Cao Sang, and veteran Saidali Iludashev from Uzbekistan.

It is indeed a playing field with some depth, the 16 Grandmasters having 24 International Masters, and 20 FIDE Masters for company.

See for the latest!


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