GM-IM and WGM-WIM Tournaments immediately after KL Open?


With the staggering response to the KL Open, a number of participants have also been asking if there were other title events we were planning to organise in the very near future.

The KLCA is responding by proposing to hold the KL International Masters Challenge – both a GM-IM tournament and a WGM-WIM tournament - from 13-19 April 2010.

We have already gotten commitments from the required foreign titled players to make it possible and we know there will be no shortage of donor entries from amongst the foreign participants at the KL Open who would be only too keen to have the opportunity to play for international titles and norms.

I just hope that locals who meet the basic requirements will step forward too or we would be doing this to enable talent from other countries and not our own!

But those interested also need to understand that a rating of below 2200 is not really a rating for title purposes.

For the GM-IM tournament, the fee is RM 1,500 and for the WGM-WIM tournament, the fee is RM 1,000. This is of course to help cover the titled players fees, their expenses and perhaps even help towards organising expenses being subsidised by the KLCA.



13 April

1400: Players Meeting & 1600: Round 1

14 April

0900: Round 2

15 April

0900: Round 3 & 1600: Round 4

16 April

1600: Round 5

17 April

0900: Round 6 & 1600: Round 7

18 April

1600: Round 8

19 April

0900: Round 9 & 1400: Closing Ceremony


If interested, please direct your enquiries to and we will do our best to fit you in.


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