Playing at the Malaysia-Singapore Match


It has been a year since I last played and I suppose a draw and a win is an acceptable result in classical chess especially against a young player.

Unfortunately we lost by the narrows of possible margins – just one point - and despite optimism in some quarters because we took a lead after day one into the rapid games (because the majority of our local events are played with the same time control) - I had my reservations as our older players would not find it so easy.

But in line with my resolution of not commenting about things MCF unless it directly impacts KLCA or concerns me personally, I will offer no post mortem or insights (or share opinions offered by many informed parties) but instead would like to congratulate several officials who worked their socks off, amongst them a new MCF VP I met for the first time and who generously offered incentives to players for each win, veteran Ismail Ahmad who was an excellent choice of captain who led by example, and of course Gregory Lau who seemed to care more than anyone else of the results and so worked feverishly to find the best players available during this festive holiday period. 


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