Thursday, 22 October 2009

Results of the FIDE Trainer Awards 2008

The FIDE Trainers' Commmission (TRG) is pleased to announce the results of the FIDE Trainer 2008 Awards as approved by the Kallithea Halkidiki FIDE Congress 2009.

Botvinnik Medal (Men): Arshak Petrosian (Armenia)

Furman Medal (Women): Ye Jiangchuan (China)

Euwe Medal (Juniors): Adrian Mikhalchisin (Slovenia)

Boleslavsky Medal (Book - Build Up Your Chess Series): Artur Jussupow

Petrosian Medal (Special Achievement): Smbat Lputian (Armenia)

Hall of Fame: Mikhail Botvinnik (USSR)

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I was part of the nomination commitee and am really pleased that I was able to ensure that Asia was represented in the process through Ye Jiangchuan being recognised for his work with Hou Yifan and previously with their first ever World Champion Xie Jun!
But his winning against tough competition from Yuri Razuvav who of course is the trainer of current World Champion Alexandria Kosteniuk was a very big bonus indeed!
Also, with Uwe Boensch, Director of the FIDE Trainer Academy in Berlin, we were able to share and recommend our positive experience with the excellent work of Artur Yusupov (listed above as Artur Jussupow) and that of Quality Chess books in general.
Of the others, Mikhail Botvinnik was always going to be our first Hall of Fame inductee and two back to back Olympic Gold Medals is impossible to beat for Arshak Petrosian!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Asian Team Championship 2009 to be in Kolkata

Some of us might not know this but the Asian Team Championship was started by Malaysia, and first held in Penang in 1974 with the challenge trophy named for and provided by Tun Abdul Razak, our second Prime Minister and father of the current leader of Malaysia, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak!

I remember that a few years back, before the previous event (it is held every two years), I had called then MCF (Malaysian Chess Federation) Secretary Abdul Hamid Majid and asked him if Malaysia would be sending a team and when he finally had to answer, the reply was no money!

That was so typical of Hamid in his time, no information and when caught out he would say: “I like senang (easy life)”. To be fair, there is consistency in that it was exactly the same response for Asian Junior Championship in Mumbai that year where if I remember correctly our big young talent then, Anas Bakri, was keen to play.

Well, as you can see from the title of his blow and the introduction and link below, this event has come along again and while it seems we don’t know now if our trophy still exists, I do think we have no reason not to send a team because as I said before to Hamid, we started the event and it even bears the name of our Prime Minister’s father!

This time around I have called current MCF Secretary Gregory Lau ( and told him I would be happy to play if others are not available and would even be prepared to help organise (and manage?) a team of young talents if that turned out to be the case as this would be a one time opportunity for them as well as fantastic exposure.

So do read on for details…

The All India Chess Federation on behalf of FIDE and Asian Chess Federation cordially invites Asian Federations to participate in the Asian Team Chess Championsip-2009 Men & Women to be conducted 20-29 December 2009 in Kolkata, India. Download invitation.

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