Young Talent Development Program

Kuala Lumpur Young Talent Chess Championship 2009 (Incorporating the KL Young Talent Development Program 2009/10)



This championship is the main basis for selection to the program and is being organized by the Kuala Lumpur Chess Association (KLCA) from 25-26 July 2009 at the 2nd Floor, Pearl Point Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

This championship is co-sponsored by Pearl Point and also supported by the Malaysian Chess Federation and there will be 3 categories, under 13, under 11, and under 9, played over 7 Rounds using the Swiss System with each player given 45 minutes per round to complete their games.

What then is the Kuala Lumpur Young Talent Development Program?

1. Selection. The first 3 winners together with the top 3 girls in each category will be invited to join the Kuala Lumpur Young Talent Development Program 2009/10. Other participants may also apply to be members and the KLCA Council will give due consideration on a case by case basis.

2. Enablers. The Kuala Lumpur Young Talent Development Program will be facilitated by Polgar Chess Asia ( and Polgar Chess University and run from August 2009 till July 2010 as follows:

  1. Twelve (12) weekend training sessions throughout the year and supported online.
  2. Free entry to the KL Open and representation of the KLCA in local and also international team competitions where both possible and  advisable.
  3. Special four (4) day boot camp during the long school term break.
  4. Financial support in consultation with MCF if selected to represent Malaysia in designated ASEAN/Asian/World Youth competitions.

3. Objective. The KLCA sees this program as a key and necessary initiative to identify our best young talent early so as to be able to assist their development by complementing the role of their parents with critical resources such as quality training, expert guidance, right exposure, and financial help. 


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