I will be representing Susan Polgar in Asia

With the Polgar Chess University (PCU) up and running via a partnership with ICC, an infrastructure for affordable and on demand general chess courses delivered on video via the Internet is now in place.

ICC is also providing PCU subscribers with the World Chess Live platform for practice and training games, and in the near future, organise special tournaments for kids as well.

In Asia, I hope to be able to set up Polgar Chess Centres throughout the region so that kids in every country (and perhaps every city!) will have a place to go to meet to have fun chess activity weekends and during school holidays.

We hope in this way to be able to better demonstrate the benefits of chess for young children to their parents and other stakeholders such as teachers.

At the same time perhaps also being in a position to facilitate the development of young talent that would certainly emerge and I invite those who wish to participate in this initiative in any way to contact me (peterlong64@gmail.com).

Hence Susan's post taken from her blog as below:


Friday, May 22, 2009

Polgar Chess Asia

Polgar Chess is now in Asia. Check out www.PolgarChessAsia.com for more information.

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Posted by Susan Polgar at 5/22/2009 08:43:00 AM


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