I am not sure at all that KLCA decided... but Go Figure!


Well we tried to help. The fact is that the Commonwealth Chess Association is essentially defunct and has been propped up for years by India with token support from some UK based players.

I really tried to help make this event relevant and prestigious again by offering an alternative venue and in doing so to also bring some recognition to Malaysia. When I spoke to Nigel Short in Thailand he agreed to come and we were pulling out all stops to get participation.

Lots have been said but the fact is I have two SMS confirming support to hold the event and there was even agreement to attend kick-off meetings but then excuses for no shows.

But at the end of the day, it was about others taking over an event awarded, developed, and funded by us and even if some would have agreed to this, I have to be happier that KLCA also agreed that we could not put the sponsor in such a position where we just hand over to others.

So, the event now will apparently be a minor part of the Singapore Chess Festival traditionally held in December and KLCA will need to rethink if it wants go through this again to promote chess.


Commonwealth Chess Championship 2009


Due to some very unfortunate developments in Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Chess Association and its sponsor have decided not to organise this year's Commonwealth Chess Championship in Ipoh, Malaysia. We spent considerable time and effort to find a solution but unfortunately are unable to satisfy the interests of ALL the parties concerned.

Instead, the event will now be organised in Singapore from 9th to 15th December 2009 in conjunction with the 6th Singapore International Chess Festival. Official invitation with full details will be announced by the first week of July 2009. For information, the dates given are dove-tailing several international open tournaments in this region and will be a great opportunity to all players.

I apologise for the inconveniences caused and look forward to your joining us in a festive chess season in the Far East in November-December.

Ignatius Leong
Commonwealth Chess Association



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