What is SCUAR (did you like the dots I added?)? Well, in Bahasa Indonesia it is Sekolah Catur Uun, Ayu, dan Razak. Sekolah Catur means of course Chess School or Chess Academy and Uun, Ayu, and Razak are the three great kids in the photo above with me!


If you don't believe me, take a close look at what is written under the title on the t-shirt of the trainer above. No, Uun, Ayu, and Razak are not SCUAR trainers but are certainly their brightest young talents and with every possibility still ahead of them. (Also, all students of SCUAR get a set of t-shirts, jacket, cap and bag for free and the same goes for the lessons - every afternoon and every day).

I played some fun games with these kids and for someone with just one year of chess, Uun lacks nothing compared to his peers except perhaps playing experience and for sure Ayu is an amazing talent.


SCUAR is the brainchild of and gift to Surabaya chess by Riskie Darma Putra, an enormously generous individual who is also the father of 12 year old Uun, 8 year old Ayu, and the uncle of Razak.

A massive and ongoing investment (premises, equipment, staff, guest trainers, overseas competitions), it is affiliated to Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto (although SCUAR has now adapted and added to their program) and so is certainly differentiated more than the simple addition of the letter "R"!


Computers are used (with the best hardware loaded with the best available software like Chessbase 10, Rybka 3 and Chess Assistant), the chess equipment the students get to use in their daily lessons is certainly good enough for top level competitions, and I have not seen better coaches in all of Indonesia than the three National Masters that work there.

Watch out Jakarta! Surabaya is where Indonesia announced its independence and I don't think they want to also be the second city in chess!


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