Coaches Seminar in Bali

I was in Bali, Indonesia from 1-4 December to conduct the first ever FIDE Seminar for Coaches in Indonesia and I am now writing this in Sri Lanka where I would be doing two national seminars in the next few days before rushing back late on 12 December for the KL Open.

This seminar was organised by Gunadarma University under the auspicious of the ASEAN Chess Academy (as the FIDE Regional Academy for Asia) and is endorsed by PERCASI (Indonesian Chess Federation).

A total of 23 participants took part, 21 local and 2 from Malaysia, and because they came from all over Indonesia and found the cost extremely expensive, and yet wanted badly to learn, most had to travel several days over sea and land just to attend.

The full report is posted at

What I would like to share from my experience teaching this seminar is that in general the Indonesian participants demonstrated a high level of tactical ability (as is their traditional strength) and only needed structure and systems to harness their natural passion and enthusiasm to play and now to also teach chess.

Most also had their own successful schools and there was a recognition not only of improving their skills but also that such qualifications were very important for their professional development.

Indonesia despite its many challenges related to geography has now the biggest pool of young talent amongst girls in the world and I hope the seminar has helped many of these dedicated coaches continue their excellent work and perhaps even do an even better job!

My compliments to Bunawan, the prime mover behind this seminar, who tirelessly organised and whom I suspect also personally bankrolled many expenses too because he understood its importance to development.


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