Staying at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Village

I am one of the few foreign arbiters fortunate enough to be at the 1st World Mind Sports Games in Beijing and the picture is the view looking out at the entrance of Beijing International Convention Centre (BICC) where the games are held (and in the background is the famous Bird's Nest we have all been so used to seeing on TV leading up to and during Beijing 2008).

Our schedule unfortunately is rather hectic - from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily (and for unlucky ones like me who have other duties it is usually back to work after dinner) and so not much time to do anything else besides sleep!

We lowly match arbiters are staying at service apartments nearby (10 minute walk), two to a room, the same accommodation the athletes at Beijing 2008 enjoyed. Meals are at the main hotel within the apartment complex and there are also all sorts of recreational facilities such as restaurants which I suppose was necessary to keep the athletes sane and to make sure they spent their dollars!

Full coverage of the 1st World Mind Sports Games is available at and don't forget there are live games at


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