4 Types of Trainers?

The following is taken from Senior FIDE Trainer & International Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas's lecture notes at the Seminar for Coaches held in Vung Tau, Vietnam. 

Written in 2003, this sure looks a lot like the FIDE titles awarded to trainers after you take away the Senior FIDE Trainer title which currently cannot be earned anyway!

Trainers’ Ranking

Every trainer is useful in specific stages in the progress of a chess-player. We could try to categorize chess trainers as follows:

First-Level Trainer: The trainer who will teach the student the basics and bring him into contact with the world of chess. One of his main aims is to infuse the student with love and respect for chess. DEVELOPMENTAL INSTRUCTOR?

Second-Level Trainer: The trainer who will teach the student his first openings, simple tactical motifs and, generally, will introduce the student to the aspects of working and learning. NATIONAL INSTRUCTOR?

Third-Level Trainer: The trainer who will teach the student, first and foremost, the theory of the middlegame and the endgame. Moreover, he will work closely with the student towards the creation of the student's personalized openings repertoire, which he will also help enrich with new ideas. FIDE INSTRUCTOR?  

Fourth-Level Trainer: The trainer who will continue in the footsteps of the previous one, but will also introduce the student to other important aspects of chess, such as the concept of and preparation for competitive success. Trainers of such calibre and skill are very scarce, and are only necessary to those chess-players who wish to reach a high level of play or seek competitive success in any form. FIDE TRAINER?


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