Travelling to Gaborone, Botswana, Africa

Ever tried long distance air travel recently?

I have been so used to hops of a few hours between ASEAN and neigbouring countries of late that I have forgotten what it was like!

The other big thing is that security arrangements tend to vary by country, airport, and airline.

Of course, KLIA, Changi, and Johannesburg are some of the very best airports in the world but it was "still off with your shoes", "take out your laptop", etc., all I suppose necessary in today's much less safe world.

I am now in Gaborone, Botswana, Africa at a very pleasant time indeed - the end of winter where it is cool but not cold and a jacket is a nice thing to wear while sleeping without air conditioning is very enjoyable.

But to get here necessitated a 4 hour wait in KLIA to get onto a one hour flight to Changi, Singapore for another 4 hour wait to catch a 2.20 a.m. much longer flight to Johannesburg, South Africa where on arrival it was yet another 4 hours (but now with also having to check out with baggage and clear immigration before checking right back in) before boarding a twin turbo prop driven plane for the short hop to Gabonone.

The seminar has started - but my assistant lecturer is still trying to convince Indian immigration to let him leave the country because he has already gotten a visa on arrival in Botswana - but that is for a further post.

A pictorial essay of my journey is being updated as I go along at:


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