Both My & Chessdom's Report on Asian Dragons Invitational

Kaohsiung was warm, the hospitality even warmer - thanks to Chinese Taipei Chess Associations's Liu Ko-Fei Fei, Dina Chen and Elsa Yueh - my schedule was very tight from arrival at night to double rounds daily and departure immediately after but they found a way to drag me out two evenings.

Despite only getting out after 8 p.m. and with an 11 p.m. curfew (!), I got to ride the MRT, see Central Park, stroll along Love River with other tourists, visit and eat at a Night Market the first night out, and on the second occasion, to take a drive across the entire city to the Harbour to catch a ferry to an Island for Seafood and after to climb up to the former British Consulate for a great view and of course more of the "Flavoured Tea" drinks locals enjoy so much.

A happy picture - the Singapore team celebrating Gold, Silver & Bronze! Once again, and expected, the biggest winners and probably will be for some time yet.

On the chess tournament, the report by Elsa Yueh published on Chessdom pretty much covers the event and because we used Swiss-Manager, results are at

I should end here by congratulating the players on their fighting spirt, the organisers for understanding the importance of having events such as this to expose their players to competition and to give them the opportunity to earn FIDE ratings, and all for the spirit of friendship.


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