The Second Half of 2008 is Full Indeed!

From my previous post, my readers would have gathered I was recently in Manila where amongst other things I witnessed the start of the Philippine National Championship Finals which also serves as their qualifier for the 38th World Chess Olympiad.

On getting back home I started taking a harder look at the emails I was viewing there via Blackberry Connect and started inking in the events I might be involved in and the list just grew and grew!

22 to 31 July 2008: 4th World Schools Individual Championships, Singapore

3-10 August 2008: FIDE CACDEC Seminar for Trainers, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa

16-23 August 2008: Asian Dragons Invitation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

26 August to 2 September 2008: 6th Leg ASEAN Grand Prix: 1st Dragon City - Vietnam Open, Vung Tau, Vietnam

6 to 13 September 2008: 1st Leg Asia-Pacific Pro Tour: 3rd PGMA Cup, Manila, Philippines

13 to 20 September 2008: 2nd Leg Asia-Pacific Pro Tour: 4th Pichay Cup, Manila, Philippine

3 to 18 October 2008: 1st World Mind Sports Games, Beijing, China

19 to 31 October 2008: World Youth Championships, Vung Tau, Vietnam

12 to 26 November 2008: 38th World Chess Olympiad, Dresden, Germany

29 November to 6 December 2008: 3rd Leg Asia-Pacific Pro Tour: 1st Korea Open, Seoul, South Korea

7 to 14 December: 4th Leg Asia-Pacific Pro Tour: Singapore Open, Singapore

Just look at the above. From Deputy Chief Arbiter in Singapore during the World Schools, I would have to immediately switch to being a FIDE Trainer in Botswana.

Then after a week it would be from 16 August to 31 October 2008, literally 6 tournaments, many back to back (opens, games, and championships) in more than two months, where I would likely be either part of the organising team and/or arbiter!

Some 10 days later (probably just catching up on sleep!) going to the Olympiad in Desden, but in what capacity is probably another story by itself!

After all these, coming home at the end of November would be very nice indeed.

While there is also a number of big events immediately following including the 1st Korea Open, and Singapore Opens, and whether I am involved or not, and at what level, I will certainly be celebrating Christmas with my family!


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