Getting International Coaching Qualifications

During the 1st Masterskill ASEAN+ Youth Team Championships being held from 1-7 December 2007 in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, the ASEAN Chess Academy - Malaysia, together with MSSM (National Schools Sports Council) will be organising a National Instructor/Developmental Instructor Course.

To be held concurrently with the ASEAN+ Youth Teams, this seminar is targeted at teachers and is also suitable for those who wish to teach chess to children and is also the fulfilment of my promise to help others become internationally qualified chess coaches after I met the FIDE Trainer title requirements in December 2006 (I will be one of the two main trainer-examiners).

Among the topics of particular importance are: FIDE & The Role of Regional Chess Academies, Trainers' Certification, Benefits of Chess, Chess in Schools, Methods & Ideas in teaching Chess to Kids, Managing the Classroom: Challenges & Solutions, Teaching Beginners, Practical ways & techniques of teaching beginners, Methodology, tools, sources, Using/Creating lesson plans/preparing worksheets, Using the Internet/libraries in lesson preparation process, and Trainers' assets: Attitude, ethics, image, professionalism.

While the normal fee is USD 300, we are offering this program for just RM 800 (including sponsorship of the one-off FIDE registration and a 2 year licence of approximately RM 500 for those who pass).

MSSM has entered 16 teachers, one from every state and so only 4-8 places remain on a first come first serve basis.


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