A FIDE First! - Chess Administrators Management Seminar in Singapore

I am very pleased to learn that FIDE has finally recognised and responded to the obvious need to have competent administrators in its member federations.

This first ever Chess Administrators Management Seminar is being organised by the FIDE Office in Singapore from 18-21 December 2007 together with the Singapore International Chess Convention and the faculty named is impressive indeed, as they are in the main the leading experts in the topics they are presenting.

All administrative aspects will be covered, from the communications flow between federations to zone/continent and FIDE, applications for FIDE ratings and titles, the bidding and inspection for hosting of events, and financial regulations.

Of special interest perhaps are the sesssions on the management of national federations and their relationship with NOC/IOC, legal relationships between player, organisers and federations, chess in schools and junior development, trainer certification, and of course media, publicity, PR and marketing.



  1. Please enunciate the five examples given by FIDE Marketing and Public Relations Manager Peter Rajcsanyi, with apologies to the Asian ladies present, who said "FIDE PR is like a man saying to a woman: Come with me I am good in bed."


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