Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Will we play in the Asian Nations Cup in Hamadan, Iran from 26 July - 4 August 2018?


For many years now Malaysia has not participated.

This used to be called the Asian Team Championships for the Tun Razak Trophy but it had mysteriously disappeared and so the event got rebranded!

Hopefully we send a team and I am all for veterans, youth or even the second tier for exposure.

In 1986 we had our best ever finish when placing fourth in Dubai but that kind of result we can only dream off in the future.

10 Questions to Federations

National Chess Federations in Asian are beginning to tell the world about themselves... at least those who have something to share!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Report on the Asian Universities Championships 2018

Indonesia - Men Champions

China - Women Champions 

Brilliant Report by Ed Andaya: http://asianchess.com/news/asians-are-the-winners-at-the-asian-universities-championships/

Will I actually find the time to be able to be part of a once in a lifetime trip?

Few know this but I am working on a book with Eugene Torre and at one of our sessions he was kind enough to invite me to be his second at "World Legends", obviously the highlight of the sixth edition of the International Chess Festival "Vila de Platja D' Aro".

Just imagine to be part of an event where my chess hero, the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, the legendary Yugoslav Lujbomir Ljubojevic, and current World Senior Champion Anatoly Vaisser, will all be in battle with our own Asian great!

In Catalonia, Spain... Barcelona, and with my good friend, David Llada, the very best chess photographer in the world, and most importantly, a known gourmet, also in attendance all way from beautiful San Sebastian at the opposite end of the country.

Click on http://view.chessbase.com/cbreader/2018/6/5/Game755260234.html to see Torre's sensational win against Karpov in the time he was practically unbeatable on way to winning an event which can be a predecessor to "Word Legends".

Two Of Three Known Candidate Teams for FIDE Election Have Now Been Named!

First up was incumbent President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on 26 April: "Nomination for the Presidential ticket (the candidate’s electoral team whose members are nominees for FIDE presidential council) must be made within three months before the opening of the General Assembly. However, I decided to do it today," Ilyumzhinov said."


Then today, on 4 June, his Deputy (Acting) President Georgios Makropoulos said: “I am delighted to tell you today that I have assembled an experienced and talented team with representation from each continental federation. The team has expertise in FIDE affairs, sports administration, chess sponsorship, tournament organisation/ promotion, business and finance and also experience in the political arena.