Wednesday, 30 November 2016

JAPFA Masters Tournaments

The JAPFA Masters Tournaments - International Masters and Women International Masters Round Robins - will take place at the Novotel Gajah Mada in Jakarta, Indonesia 4-12 December 2016.

I have been honoured to be invited to be the Chief Arbiter.

Players have now been confirmed for the two tournaments to be played over eleven rounds and seven countries are represented with half of the participants coming from hosts Indonesians.

JAPFA International Masters

1. Wynn Zaw Htun (MYA) IM 2390
2. Aulia, Medina Warda (INA) WGM 2373
3. Wohl, Aleksander H (AUS) IM 2357
4. Priasmoro, Novendra (INA) FM 2353
    Taher, Yoseph Theolifus (INA) FM 2553
6. L'Ami, Alina (ROU) IM 2341
7. Purnama, Tirta Chandra (INA) IM 2337
8. Hoang, Thi Bao Tram (VIE) WGM 2324
9. Duong, The Anh (VIE) IM 2321
10. Sadikin The, Irwanto (INA) 2315
11. Nay Oo Kyaw Tin (MYA) IM 2303
12. Setyaki, Azarya Jodi (INA) FM 2303

Interestingly enough, there are no less than three women, all with the Woman Grandmaster title, playing alongside nine men in the JAPFA International Masters Tournament!

JAPFA International Women Masters

1. Le, Kieu Thien Kim (VIE) WIM 2215
2. Shite, Chelsie Monica Ignesias (INA) WIM 2198
3. Retno, Wijayanto (INA) WFM 2183
4. Fronda, Jan Jodilyn (PHI) WIM 2165
5. Luong, Phuong Hanh (VIE) 2156
6. Lestari, Baiq Vina (INA) WFM 2140
7. May Hsett Lwin (MYA) 2123
8. May Hsu Lwin (MYA) 2029
9. Tan, Li Ting (MAS) WFM 2086
10. Fisabilillah, Ummi (INA) WFM 2085
11. Legowo Parahita Millyena (INA) WFM 2080
12. Nur Abidah, Shanti (INA) WIM 1969

We are represented by Tan Li Ting, Malaysia's No. 1 woman player, who is playing in the International Women Masters Tournament and will be hoping to get her second Women International Master title norm.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

IIFL Wealth 2nd Mumbai International, 26 December 2016 - 3 January 2017

The organisers have kindly agreed that players from Malaysia and in the region whom I recommend will be given special conditions.

Let me know and I will happily facilitate your participation on the terms I have negotiated.

For U-13 players, what has been agreed is free stay for the player together with his or her parent, airport transfers and the waiver of entry fee!

So all is needed is airfare, visa fee and money for meals,

It is also a wonderful chance to visit and experience India and have essentially a holiday too in one of its great cities.

Information on the events is at

Friday, 18 November 2016

American Chess Magazine Is Available In Malaysia!

Those not willing (or too lazy) to go to the website and subscribe to the newly launched American Chess Magazine can now opt to get it directly from me as follows:

1) The highly acclaimed inaugural issue for USD 30


2) A four issue subscription which is the inaugural issue and the next three issues for USD 100

I am sorry I can't do anything about the plummeting Malaysian Ringgit but the magazine is certainly a must have for all chessplayers!

What I can do is meet you somewhere in PJ/Mid Valley/Bangsar to accept payment, hand over the magazine, and of course I will throw in a Teh Tarik as part of the bargain.

Official Photos: Anatomy Of A Move In Round Five Action