Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Thinking Inside The Box Tour Of Asia

"Hundreds of people from India and the rest of Asia have asked me for advice on training over the years and slowly the idea of going there to meet my friends in person grew and grew. My dream scenario of this tour would be to inspire some people to work hard towards the goals they have in chess, to give them the guidance and frankly, confidence, which is needed for someone to embark on such a difficult project as it is to acquire great skill in chess."

  1.  Intensive training with talented players at highly subsidized cost
  2. Lecture by Aagaard on how to work on chess, which will be open to everyone including players, coaches, parents and all the chess lovers. 


Kuala Lumpur on 6th April will be the first stop to be followed by Hong Kong on 8th April (please contact Jackson Li). 

Aagaard will then visit the 17th Bangkok Club Open Chess Championship on 9th April (please contact Sahapol Nakvanich) before going to Manila on the 11th (please contact Eliseo Tumbaga) and then Singapore on 12th (please contact Kevin Goh Wei Ming). 

Jakarta, where he will be a guest of the Utut Adianto Chess School from 13-15 April, will certainly be a tour highlight (please contact Kristianus Liem). 

Then it will be back to Kuala Lumpur a visit to the National Scholastics Championships before departing to Teheran on 16th of April.

While each city will have its own organizers, the overall coordinator for this part of the tour will be FIDE Trainer Peter Long and his KL Chess Academy.